Amman - School Report Question and Answers

How would you rate the school's support and welcome/integration of new students and their families, and why?

Uneventful. There was a student that reached out as a sort of student ambassador. - Feb 2021

It's great. They really do a good job- even interviewing each and every kid by skype for a follow-up. - Sep 2019

A+ + + + +. King's Academy, modeled after the King of Jordan's alma mater, Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, goes over and beyond anything required of them. I would say that with the support is also an expectation that the child do his or her best in all areas: academics, sports, co-curricular, and community service. The whole person is developed in ways that other schools simply can't compete with: Daily sit-down meals with advisors and their students is one example. It really is a "prep" school. My daughter's advisor, for example, is a graduate of Yale. You just don't get that at other area schools. - Nov 2018

ICS is amazing, really. They did an incredible job interviewing and even following up individually with the children. They were very attentive. - Feb 2018

Pretty good. The key factor is that King's is essentially a boarding high school that tolerates a certain number of day students. Most of the welcoming/integration is geared toward the boarders to help them adjust to the experience and to develop that community. Some efforts with the day students but not much. - Apr 2017

It was pretty good, considering that our child started mid-year. - Aug 2016

Our children had a rocky start, mostly due mean spirited kids and non inclusive kids. There are a few great families here and once they navigated and made friends with children who respect each other, they did better. However, now 4 months in we are still trying to seek resolution to a child who continuously pounces, hits, pokes, and prods my children. - Dec 2015

Very receptive to new families. They have a lot of student turnover because of the diplomatic community. New students are integrated quickly. - Sep 2015

B: There is a nice "first friends" program in elementary, and an active PTA with a big back-to-school picnic. That's the last free thing you'll see, though. - Aug 2015

B. The newcomer orientation felt disorganized and all over the place. I left feeling like I had none of my questions answered. We're talking basic things like transportation and hot lunch. Part of it, I think, was there was a brand new elementary school principal and he arrived only about a week prior to school starting so he was still trying to figure everything out himself. - Jan 2015

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