Amman - School Report Question and Answers

Are other schools available to expatriates in this city? Why did you choose this particular school?

Yes, a few. Most English-speaking expats send their kids to ACS. - Feb 2021

Roughly 75% of the parents choose ACS, but the enrollment at ICS continues to increase which should cause people to do some homework before deciding. We went with ICS because of the more international feel and acceptance of a larger variety of students. Not to mention uniforms (YAY!), great after-school programs, and a more flexible approach to accepting different types of learners. - Sep 2019

Yes, there are other schools available. The youngest two go to ICS which is also great. We chose King's Academy for its amazing high school. - Nov 2018

There are many international schools but most parents choose the American School. I think most just go with it since it's where 90% of the children go. We heard that there were other options so we decided to shop around. Our oldest (8th grade) goes to King's Academy, and elite boarding/day school in the area. - Feb 2018

We have younger kids at ACS and my son went their for grade 9 but it was not a good fit. - Apr 2017

Yes. This school seemed to follow the same curriculum as my oldest child's previous school, it was nearby, and it seemed friendly and welcoming. - Aug 2016

They stated they could support our children's learning needs and it is near the Embassy. - Dec 2015

We chose the International Community School because we wanted our kids to have an international experience. ICS has over 65 different nationalities and only about 20-25 percent of the students are Jordanian. The rest are from all over the World. It seems as though every other embassy except the U.S. Embassy sends their children to ICS. The U.S. Embassy generally directs everyone to the American Community School, so you will have to look for ICS yourself. - Sep 2015

It is kind of the default expat school in Jordan for Americans. We did not consider other options until after the first year. - Aug 2015

Proximity to home and work, preferred my child to be in an American system. The British school gets decent reviews but with this being a "danger post," I wanted my son close to me in case of an emergency and ICS is a bit further away. - Jan 2015

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