Amman - School Report Question and Answers

Greatest challenge?

Lack of resources for all the kids who need extra support-learning and behavioral. - Dec 2015

The misconceptions: One is that ICS is an hour away from the U.S. Embassy. Actually, it is 20-25 minutes away during rush hour and 15 minutes otherwise. The second is that ICS is a "special needs school" and caters to disabled children. This is not the case. - Sep 2015

Space (construction is underway but the site is boxed in), fostering a true community feel, and the fact that the high school is mediocre at best. - Aug 2015

Organization and consistency. Everything produced by ACS feels fragmented. This includes everything from newcomer orientation to the holiday concert or Halloween festivities. I guess I had this idea that because it's an American school that it would be run more like the schools we went to in the U.S., but it definitely takes on the local flavor of doing things instead! I also feel like security could be better - I think they are working on this. For a country with a 15% danger designation, I was shocked at how easily one can drive right up to the school. - Jan 2015

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