Amman - School Report Question and Answers

Are there are any problems with exclusionary behavior, cliques, or bullying at this school? Please describe any problems your children may have experienced in this area.

We did not experience this. - Feb 2021

Nope! Love it. - Sep 2019

None. - Nov 2018

Very minimal, and the staff is on it immediately. Some of the older kids were teasing my son about his name, and it was nipped in the bud. Amazing response. - Feb 2018

Not really. There are some really wealthy kids but the school does a good job of equalizing everybody to the extent possible. - Apr 2017

Yes, there were instances of bullying with our eldest child. It was generally addressed by the counselor and the principal, but it still continued, to a lesser degree. - Aug 2016

Yes, many kids at the school have behavioral challenges and relationships are a big part of the drama at this school. Bullying exists even if the administration doesn't want to admit it. - Dec 2015

Very little, but there is always some of this. ICS takes bullying seriously. - Sep 2015

The school is pretty good about combating bullying. - Aug 2015

Not for us. I know there were some bullying problems on the buses. The buses are a HUGE problem for ACS (everything from behavior to bullying to safety). There is a group of parents working with the administration to hopefully fix some of these things. - Jan 2015

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