Amman - School Report Question and Answers

Do expatriate students socialize with local students at the school? Are both groups successfully integrated into the school culture?

Yes, there are several very wealthy local families who are connected to the royal family somehow. There does seem to be overlap between the wealthy Jordanians and expats, but it feels separate. - Feb 2021

Yes! This is what I like about ICS also. My kids are friends with both international and local students. You rarely see ACS kids hanging out with local kids. There is a big divide. - Sep 2019

YES! It is a must. There are different socioeconomic levels among the students also. There aren't really "cliques" so to speak. - Nov 2018

Yes! I love this about ICS. My daughter just had a birthday party, and her friends who came over were from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Korea, Australia, France, Sweden, Jordan, Canada, Germany...... Love it. It's truly an international school, and this is one thing we were looking for versus the local American school. - Feb 2018

Breakdown is more among different nationalities as a big percentage are expats. There is also a divide between boarders and day students simply because the day students aren't around for the activities in the evenings. - Apr 2017

Yes, I think they are in the elementary school. - Aug 2016

Yes, all the time. - Sep 2015

Some, but less as the kids get older. This is understandable as the expats cycle through, but it creates a not-so-great social scene for expats in the higher grades. - Aug 2015

Yes. The majority of his classroom is American but there are also students from various other countries. - Jan 2015

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