Amman - School Report Question and Answers

Describe the general climate of the grade level that you teach or your child attends:

The climate of this current grade level is out of control. The classes are approximately 20 kids per class with one teacher and one aide who supports all three classes. Each class has about half the children who need no extra support and half who have learning differences and behavioral issues that need support. The teachers appear overwhelmed and unable to support the class to create a consistent healthy supportive learning environment. - Dec 2015

The school has a British feel to it because most of the staff is from the UK, although several are from Australia, NZ and The Netherlands. The education is in the British System, not the American. The learning environment is great. Small class sizes, dedicated teachers, good after-school programs. ICS is located outside of the city about 20 minutes from the U.S. Embassy in the countryside. The air is clean and the location clam. - Sep 2015

We have generally enjoyed the elementary and middle school experience. There are some great teachers, especially in the upper elementary grades. High school was a different experience. Poor learning environment, lack of discipline and respect. Some good teachers but generally they seemed overwhelmed and lacked strong support from the administration. When we moved our son to King's Academy we asked him what he would miss most about ACS. He couldn't think of anything. Several other top students from his class made the same change and have been happier as well. - Aug 2015

Positive! We are VERY happy with the teacher and classroom. I have been highly impressed with the variety and rigor of the curriculum offered. His teacher is supportive emotionally but also challenges him cognitively. - Jan 2015

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