Amman - School Report Question and Answers

What is the approximate teacher-to-student ratio in the grades that your child attended?

14-1 maybe. Often there is an asssitant in class, too. So, my ratio might not be right. - Sep 2019

10 to 1. Very small classes with students seated around an oval table for discussion-type classes. - Nov 2018

16:1, I believe. - Feb 2018

Largest class size was never more than 20, quite a few that are 12-15. Lots of interaction, with an emphasis on class discussion using "Harkness tables", oval shaped tables that make it so everyone can see everyone else. - Apr 2017

1-20 for grades 2-3 1-10 for grades Pre-K - 1 - Aug 2016

20 kids to one teacher. It is not good. IF your child can self advocate, stay focused despite lots of interruptions and disruptive children, and doesn't need any special attention....s/he might be fine. - Dec 2015

Max class size is 25. Typical size is 18-22. There is a one teacher and at least one aid in each classroom. - Sep 2015

B+: There are rarely more than 22 students to a class; elementary has classroom assistants. - Aug 2015

A. I think there are about 18 children in the class with a teacher and a full-time teacher's aid. Very happy about that. - Jan 2015

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