Amman - School Report Question and Answers

Availability and variety of after-school activities for various ages:

Lots - Dec 2015

Great, a lot of activities for all ages. - Sep 2015

B: A wide variety but expensive. - Aug 2015

F. The after-school offerings are pretty extensive (everything from Tae Kwon Do to Cooking!). Unfortunately unless you are 1) lucky enough to get into the online registration system within the first 15 minutes of the system opening or 2) don't have a job and have time to physically run down to the school, then your child will not get to participate in anything. The online registration system crashed on me the entire first day and on day 2 when I got in, everything was full!!! I heard first-hand stories of parents driving to the school and paying on the spot and demanding their child be let in and it was allowed. I didn't push the issue but it was heartbreaking to see my child crying because he got into ZERO after-school activities. The school is building a swimming pool. Right now if you have a child who wants to be on a swim team it costs about US$500U a semester and is located a good 30-45 minutes away (and evening Amman traffic is enough to make you not want to go anywhere at all). The school has a nice futbol field and I'm guessing there is a team for the older students. - Jan 2015

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