Vienna - School Report Question and Answers

Please tell us anything else you think prospective parents and students should know about this school. Thanks for your contribution!

Think about college requirements early as AIS does not make exceptions to their science requirement and it is a liability for kids looking at engineering or sciences for college. They are not very flexible on course selection, so choose your battles and come prepared. - Sep 2020

Couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. If you want a true international experience is a world class international city, this is the place. - Jan 2019

Consider other options before enrolling here. - Oct 2018

My biggest concern is with the school's bus system. From what I (and my children) have experienced, there are no bus monitors, and in our experience, the drivers do not appear to speak or understand English. I have heard of more than one incident where the school's buses were involved in accidents with trams. As a parent, I'm very concerned about how my children would communicate with the driver and/or emergency assistance, especially if they were directly transported to a hospital. Having a monitor would greatly alleviate my fears. I'm also concerned about bullying on the buses in the absence of monitors, and about the use of personal devices on the bus, which evidently has free wifi. My 2nd grade son has told me that he would intentionally sit behind older kids so he could "watch them play inappropriate games and videos" (his words, not mine). I have been advocating that the school add monitors to the buses, and I understand others are doing so as well, but I have not yet seen a change in the situation. - Jun 2018

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