Vienna - School Report Question and Answers

Are other schools available to expatriates in this city? Why did you choose this particular school?

There are a few good school choices in Vienna. Along with the American International School, there is Vienna International School and Danube International School, among others. Danube International School looked great for younger grades, but it seemed too small to offer all our high-school child would need. It was a tough choice between AIS and VIS. Both are good. - Sep 2020

There are a handful of international schools from which to choose. The overall quality of the curriculum (including IB) was the main reason for choosing the school; the music program and the extracurriculars were a close second. - Apr 2019

Yes other school are availble but this school had the most international feeling. - Jan 2019

Other schools are available that are excellent. This school had no waiting list and a beautiful campus but sadly, we found the academics to be poor and the school atmosphere suffering. - Oct 2018

Yes -- there are many options. We chose this school because it had a good reputation, but other schools did too. The proximity to our home was the deciding factor. - Jun 2018

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