Cotonou - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

More spray bug spray and snack food. There's nothing that you truly can't get here, but it's nice to have recognized brands for cleaning products, kids snacks, and other things. We rely a lot on canned veggies and soup from home because they are so much less expensive. - Feb 2020

None; this is a consumables post. Just get good info from those here for what to ship. - Aug 2018

Chocolate, organic foods, whole grains. - Jan 2017

Canned mushrooms. Good chocolate. - Oct 2015

If you are partial to certain toiletry brands, bring them with you. - Jun 2015

More board games. If you work for the U.S. Embassy, you'll have pouch access (and maybe DPO in the future), so if you discover something you're missing, you'll be able to get it...eventually. - Aug 2014

More soda, caffeine addict that I am. Soda here is expensive. Salsa/dips (not readily available here). Bring tortillas if you like Mexican food (you'll have to make your own, as Cotonou does not boast Mexican food). - Jul 2013

I wish I would have brought a lot more of my own furniture and decorative items. If I had known how much time I would be spending at home, I would have made more of an effort to make it more comfortable. Also, anything that would help with at-home entertaining. - May 2013

American food products. While there are plenty of European groceries here, if you want Cheetos, or any other American products, you'll have to bring them yourself. - Mar 2013

Some thick Astroturf matts to help keep the sand out of the house. - Dec 2011

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