Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Someone with physical disabilities would have more trouble navigating GDL than comparable US cities, but it is significantly more friendly for disabilities than most of the world. - Jan 2023

Guadalajara doesn't really have many crosswalk signals, the roads and sidewalks can be fairly uneven, and there are few obvious ramps or automatic doors. - Feb 2015

It would be possible to live here, I think, though not as easy as in the U.S. - Jan 2015

Compared to the U.S., yes. Compared to most other countries? Definitely not. Guadalajara is working hard to make the city more accessible. - Oct 2014

Sidewalks are not made for people with disabilities. - May 2014

The sidewalks are not always there, some have large holes, and many buildings do not have elevators, so it could be a problem. - Apr 2014

A lot, both in the city and at the consulate, which has no elevator. Most sidewalks are badly damaged, and many facilities have no ramps for wheelchairs. - Jun 2013

Yes. There are wheelchair ramps on all city sidewalks, but the sidewalks are in horrible condition. - Jan 2012

Someone in a wheelchair would have great difficulty getting around because of the poor quality of the sidewalks. Many buildings do not have elevators, either. - Jan 2011

They would have some problems getting around. The sidewalks are horrible here; some have trees growing in the middle of them, and others have steps built into them. - Jun 2010

A Mexican friend who is handicaped told me that the city is pretty wheelchair accessible. However, I've seen many ramps that are a bit steep. The consulate is NOT handicap accessible except on the first floor. - Feb 2008

Many buildings are handicap accessible including the consulate. - Jan 2008

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