Freetown - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There are a few good restaurants in town and some delivery services, but they are not always dependable. There is good pizza (Gigibonta) and decent Indian and Chinese. There is also great seafood, including at Franco's, Paul's, Lagoonda. And plenty of Lebanese food throughout the city, including YSC, Country Lodge and Olba. - Jan 2022

The last year has limited the availability of restaurant choices. Local food is spicy and has lots of unique flavors. If you are a seafood lover than you will find lots of options here. There is lots of Lebanese options available due to the large Lebanese population here. There are pizza and burger options available but they are okay at best. There are not fast food chains here at this time. - Sep 2021

Sigh. There are few, as prior poster said, better views than food. A lot of places just are heating frozen food or making bad pizza. Smoking bun is new-ish and they have decent burgers, shakes etc. Toma has good finer dining food but expensive. There is typical Lebanese mezze avail too with all the Lebanese here. They own most of the places expats frequent. Local West African food has not been tasty to us. We have tried, so many times. It seems VERY spicy, overly salty and oily, and there is fish in your dish even when not expected or advertised. Food is a door to culture for us normally, and have been sorely disappointed here. Produce is hit or miss, sometimes good fruit. No kale or good lettuce etc., take a multivitamin. There is potato leaf and other "slippery" greens that are always mushy and bad. - May 2018

There are some decent restaurants with better views than food. Chinese food is available, also Lebanese, pizza takeout/delivery. Nothing will blow your socks off or compare to fine dining back in states but foodies DIY what they need (making bread, brewing beer) etc. Biggest happy surprise, there is good gelato! - Sep 2017

There is Lebanese food, pizza, burgers, local fare too. Restaurants for expats run about US$7-12 for a plate. Dinner out at the nicest restaurant for two with drink would cost about US$60. - Sep 2014

No fast food. There are several restaurants; some good Chinese, one Indian, also good, several with continental menus on the beach and around town. Prices average about US$25/person without alcohol for a meal, sometimes more or less. - Jun 2014

None. - Sep 2010

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