Stockholm - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Sweden has a very active, health oriented culture. There are gyms everywhere with reasonable rates, but there are also abundant opportunities to run, ride bikes, ride horses, cross country ski, kayak, hike, etc outside. - Dec 2020

Embassy has a sad, dank basement gym with no windows. Local gym chains are abundant. SATS is the most popular with locations throughout the city and on the island of Lidingo. It is modern, big, well equipped and even the Marines use it. They offer an Embassy discount. I think we pay something like US $30/month, so a buck a day. Not bad. - Sep 2020

SATS is ubiquitous; it's got a range of memberships and is reasonable compared to gym memberships in the US. - May 2020

There are all kinds of gyms and fitness studios here. There's crossfit, yoga, pilates, swimming, gyms and spas. Prices range from what you'd find in the US to a bit more. Swedes are very health-conscious, and the availability of gyms and relatively modest pricing reflects that. For basic gyms, most people use SATS or Nordic Wellness. The gym at the embassy is small and depressing. - Jan 2017

Gyms are nice (albeit a bit pricey) and the embassy has a very small gym. There are tons of trails and parks for runners. - May 2015

Sure, but expensive. - Aug 2014

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