Stockholm - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Health care is readily available and cheap by U.S. standards, even for those of us that have to pay for it since we're not covered by the national health care system. The only unusual health issue is the potential for tick borne encephalitis (tbe). Our embassy provided vaccinations against TBE. - Dec 2020

Good local medical options. I've seen Swedish doctors, dentists and physical therapists - all are good. Their bedside manner is more direct and clinical (no warm and fuzzies), but they are competent and the facilities are modern and clean and reliable. - Sep 2020

Health care is accessible. There are concierge type doctors available if you choose not to use the Swedish system. - May 2020

Local medical care is excellent, though different from in America. My husband and I have both had procedures done here, and while the standard of care has been very good, doctors prescribe painkillers and antibiotics reluctantly. The embassy has contacts with an American doctor here who is more attuned to the needs and expectations of her American patients. - Jan 2017

No health concerns, unless you are prone to seasonal affectiveness disorder. Winters can be rough on even the cheeriest of people. Medical care is adequate, but medicine is socialized, so don't expect fast service or cutting-edge tests/procedures. Some pregnant women get additional tests in the U.S. That aren't offered here: quad screen, gestational diabetes, etc. - May 2015

This is a very developed country with high quality medical care. That being said, I've been surprised how sick people get here so frequently (locals and Americans alike). There is a seasonal "kräks sjuk" (vomiting sickness) that goes around every winter and seems to hit almost everyone (not me yet, touch wood). Medical care is very expensive for those that are not part of the Swedish social services system, although presumably reimbursable under your insurance. Stockholm doesn't even bother to clear or salt the sidewalks during the winter, so they pile up with snow and ice, making for treacherous walking. Be very careful in the winter. Many people by clip-on cleats to attach to the bottom of their shoes to keep from wiping out on the ice in the winter. - Aug 2014

Great medical care. If you will be here a long time in the summer you may choose to have the tick borne encephalitis shots (3) as there are so many ticks here. A lot of mosquitoes, too. - Oct 2008

Health care in general is not as good as you would hope. Dental care is fine, and many people have babies while at post and by all accounts the care is good. Seasonal allergies are terrible. - Aug 2008

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