Stockholm - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

We used a local provider. All the providers are reliable. - Dec 2020

If you bring an unlocked phone you'll have your choice of service providers. Sweden is now rolling out 5G thanks to Ericsson. Costs per month are reasonable/comparable with US. You can also get pre-paid SIMs if you prefer. - Sep 2020

I use a local provider. - May 2020

A number of people bring unlocked phones and get a pay-per-month plan. We use Comviq, and each month we pay 95kr (about $10) for 200 minutes of talk within Sweden and a gig of data. Extra data can be purchased separately. - Jan 2017

Bring an unlocked phone for starters, then purchase a phone and plan once you are assigned your personal number (social security number equivalent required for everything in Sweden). - May 2015

Surprisingly affordable. Many local options, although until you are a real person in Sweden (i.e. you have been accredited and received your "personnummer"), you can't do much of anything here, including signing up for phone service (you can't even join a gym or rent a DVD until you have your personnummer). We got our two year plan through Tele2, who threw in a free iPhone 5 as part of the deal. If you want a local phone before you get your personnummer, you can always buy a pre-paid chip if you have your own unlocked phone. - Aug 2014

Buy a phone then buy rechargeable minutes for it when you run out. - Oct 2008

Embassy will issue one for employees. Spouses have a variety of options from a variety of suppliers. All pricey. - Aug 2008

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