Stockholm - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Buses and trains are affordable, reliable, and your best bet for transportation. Taxis are really expensive. All are safe. - Dec 2020

Yes and all are safe, convenient, and reliable. The metro system is pricey though. You pay $3 to get on the system and can use it as much as you want for about an hour and a half. The you have to pay again. So if you are cruising around the metro for an hour and half, three bucks is a good deal. If you somewhere, then hang out a couple of hours and head somewhere else, then hang out for a couple of hours and head home, that will cost you $9. It adds up fast. - Sep 2020

Fares are currently just under US$4/ single ride for public transit. Taxis are very expensive. - May 2020

Public transportation here is terrific. Many people get to the embassy via bus or T-bana. It is very safe, clean, and beautiful. Uber and taxis are also available. - Jan 2017

You can get an unlimited SL (public transit) pass for about US$100 per month, which will get you almost everywhere you need to go (except Lidingo, which has more limited public transit options). - May 2015

Safe and extensive. You can't really hail taxis on the street unless your lucky. You have to phone in advance. Taxis are very expensive, so are usually only used for special occasions. Drunk driving laws here are very strict, so if you are planning to drink during your night out, plan on not driving. - Aug 2014

THey are easy and awesome. So accessible everywhere. - Oct 2008

Public transportation is wide spread but expensive - about $3.00 one way for bus or subway using multijourney passes. The subway is limited in scope and most people must rely on buses for at least part of their journey - buses are slow and often full so they don't always stop for you. It's not fun to stand outside in the cold, dark winter waiting for the bus. - Aug 2008

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