Stockholm - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

This is a great place for families. Most of the singles I met did not enjoy dating in the local scene. - Dec 2020

Better for couples and families, I think. I've heard single women, in particular, have had a rougher time socializing unless they are into clubbing and hanging with the young, hip crowd. - Sep 2020

I think it's a very hard city for singles. Swedes are not outgoing and stick with the people they've always known rather than take a chance on a new person. Your neighbors will avoid you, totally the opposite of how Americans are. - May 2020

This city can be great for everyone! - Jan 2017

Fabulous for couples, good for families (with the caveat of childcare), and poor for singles. There are few singles at post and Swedes tend to be very insular. - May 2015

Yes. All around, this is a good place for families and singles. Swedish society is a bit tough to penetrate but those who put in the effort can find social networks to integrate into. - Aug 2014

Yes, very good. Most everyone speaks English, it is clean, relatively safe, very health conscious and law abiding people here. - Oct 2008

Yes. Stockholm is a modern, clean, safe city. It offers plenty of restaurants, nightclubs, concert and sporting events, museums, everything you would expect from a first rate city. It has tons of marathons. If you are the athletic and outdoorsy type, you will be very happy and busy here. Swedes place a high priority on physical fitness. They all seem to be extremely skinny and buff. - Aug 2008

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