Malabo - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It's a great place for active homebodies who do not need nightlife, but want to enjoy nature and the cultural events available, and then relax in the comfort of home with friends, food, movies, games, etc. - Apr 2021

Difficult to answer, need a lot of adaptations. - Apr 2021

In my opinion, it's best for couples and adventurous families. The downside:  you have to buy filtered bottled water or have a distiller in your residence, take malaria pills, and work long days--especially if you have your own business.  Having someone to come home to is crucial. Single people would need to assess if there would be adequate time, energy, opportunities to generate a social network. The benefits are the paseo, the beauty of Hawaii (EG's a bit cloudier), no traffic (except as mentioned), speaking another language, being close enough to explore the rest of Africa without the constant population crush, and making great memories. EG has just received a Tier 2 rating in its efforts against trafficking in persons, as opposed to the higher--and more negative--Tier 3. From what I understand, polygamy and prostitution are part of the culture. - Jul 2020

This post is better for couples and families as it can be hard to date or make friends locally. - Aug 2017

Due to lack of schooling and general things to do, it's not always the best post for families but it can be done. Malabo is a city where you have to make your own fun and adventure. - Sep 2014

Malabo may be a difficult place for someone with high social needs or someone wanting ready-made recreational activities. There is a small movie theater that shows Spanish-dubbed American films, there are a couple of pretty good restaurants, and there’s the ocean. Because nothing’s handed to you here, you have to want to get out and explore what little there is. Life here with school-age children might be very challenging. - Jun 2012

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