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Don't let base life scare you from bidding on Seoul! It has its inconveniences, but it also has many perks. For families with children, it is a super safe place for kids to run around and play. Lots of parking!!! And you can grow a vegetable garden that would be the envy of any ajumma. - Mar 2022

We usually don't think about going to a post more than once, but we would definitely come back here. - Jul 2015

Although Seoul is a HUGE city, you don't have to go very far out of the city to find outdoor recreational opportunities for hiking and camping. It is prettier than we expected and while never far from the city, there are chances to get away from the city. Our kids loved the views from our apartment on the 29th and 22nd floors. - Jan 2014

Seoul is a very intense city and moves very fast. Subway commuters here will take some time to get used to (if you ever do) being rudely bumped by unapologetic people of all ages and gender rushing their way around without ever apologizing. It's a high paced city with tons of things to do. Only a handful of mega cities in all of Asia are as safe and comforting to travel around as Seoul. - Sep 2013

Seoul has diverse beauty salon options. There are several shops in Itaewon where people get their hair braided and the hair stylists on base can give every type of perm, do braids, and cornrows. Be sure to read about the Korean War before coming.2010 was the 60th anniversary of the conflict and commemoration events will continue through 2011. - Jan 2011

This post is an Army post. You don't experience Korea in you day to day life. If you ever wanted to be in the Military, this is the post for you. If you are single and want privacy, don't come here, if you can't stand living in a fishbowl. Your neighbors are your co-workers, its just hard to seperate work and your personal life. On the other hand, Koreans are fun and easy to mix with and the expatriate community is great. Once you get off base, you can have fun. - Dec 2010

Like any new place, Seoul depends upon the attitude of the expat. This can be a great post or it can be one where you're totally isolated. The best thing to do is learn some of the language, get out into Seoul and the rest of Korea (GPS recommended), eat the food, and make Korean friends (FSNs are great about sharing their culture).You will have a great time here. - Sep 2009

This is a good post for some, not for others. Consider your needs. It's expensive and the army base is a drag. The city isn't very colourful or exciting and the traffic is horrific. On the other hand, it's safe and you could easily snooze through your three year tour here without ever realizing you're overseas at all. You decide whether or not that's something you are interested in. - May 2008

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