Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

A few good choices, and everybody seems happy. - Feb 2020

Most USG people attend the schools on the army bases (DoDea). I have no children so I don't have any direct experience. From my friends with little ones it seems like it's a mixed bag depending on what teachers your child has. I did like that people on the bases really worked to make sure the kids had a well rounded experience (sports, career days, student productions). I participated in some events and really enjoyed myself. - Feb 2016

Many excellent choices, I'm told. - Feb 2016

There are international schools throughout Seoul, but we had no direct experience with them. I believe there are schooling options on base, but it could be difficult to get in. - Jul 2015

Schools are one of the biggest drawbacks to living here. It is difficult for embassy kids to get into the DOD school. While YISS, the school closest to housing, is a beautiful facility, we transferred out. In my opinion, the teachers are not qualified, the rules are unbelievably rigid and strict (no talking in the lunchroom), and it has an evangelical Christian philosophy that affects education (e.g., my kids learned that kids dinosaurs did not exist, no discussion of evolution). SFS is the oldest international school in Seoul and while it is more established and a bit more diverse than the other schools, it is also quite religious. KIS, is a great school, but it is far from housing and is still struggling with bringing more expat kids into the school. We have chosen KIS and are happy with it, but there is no clear and obvious school choice. It has made our transition to Seoul particularly difficult. - Feb 2015

Our kids went to the DOD schools on post and they had great experiences. Teachers are kind of hit and miss and we heard bad things about the high school, but had incredible teachers for KG and 6 between our three kids. Only one really bad experience with a Kindergartner teacher. There are several wonderful international schools in the area, including YISS, SIS, and more. - Jan 2014

Education fever is very real in Korea. In that light, there are several reputable international schools to choose from. I don't have children, but I have heard good reviews from colleagues with children. There are also DOD options. - Jan 2011

There are a few international schools to choose from in Seoul from pre-school to high school. Most of the schools consist of expats, but many are populated by permanent ethnic Korean residents whose children have foreign passports, a requirement to attend such schools, in order to get a hand up on other Korean children since these schools are typically English speaking. Many expat kids can be chastised by the cliques of Korean students that know one another since they have grown up and gone to school together for a long time. Korean is spoken on the playground of these schools. - Sep 2009

Several choices -excellent reputation. - Jul 2008

There is the Seoul American School and elementary, junior high and high school on base. I've heard mixed reviews. - May 2008

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