Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, your social sponsor can request it to be installed prior to your arrival (at least for on-base housing). - Mar 2022

Yes, usually set up before you arrive. - Nov 2021

It is available and it works fine. It was up and running when i got here. We pay about $40 for 500 mbps, no cable. - Feb 2020

YES... the internet service is usually included in your lease so I don't know the cost. Negotiate internet and cable with your leasing agent. - Feb 2016

Internet is cheap and super, super fast. We pay about US$34/month for internet and land line and regularly get 95M speeds. - Feb 2016

Yes, it is available, but the qualitycan be patchy on base. - Jul 2015

It is available but surprisingly slow. Supposedly they are working on making improvements to the lines in the housing area. - Feb 2015

Yes, excellent service off post (I've heard on post is slower/more expensive). We paid about US$25 and had screaming high-speed Internet. You have to use a VPN for many U.S. sites to work. - Jan 2014

Fast and extremely cheap. I download at 10 megabytes a second (100Mbs internet speed) for about US$70 a month. With a VPN, you can get all the Hulu and Netflix you want. - Sep 2013

High speed internet is widely available. - Jan 2011

On base, the Korean Telephone Internet is about 35.00 per month, fiber optic, fast. - Dec 2010

Korea is considered the "most wired" country per capita in the world. Internet speed is superfast as Koreans would not tolerate slow connection speed. It's reasonably priced, typically $US40. - Sep 2009

Very good service at around US$35/month. - Jul 2008

Great broadband at about US$35 a month. - May 2008

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