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What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Korean, Chinese Korean, Fried chicken and beer (chimaek), and Kebabs are some popular choices. The base is located next to Itaewon, which has a large expat community. You can find all styles of cuisine here. There are food delivery services, such as Shuttle and Coupang Eats, but they do not deliver directly to your door. You need to meet the delivery driver by the base gate. It is a bit inconvenient, but manageable if you have a car. There is also a Korean restaurant on base, which will deliver directly to your home. - Mar 2022

I hear Shuttle is great but the army (which isn't even here anymore) has banned them from coming on base, so I wouldn't know. Some people use Shuttle and then meet them at the gate 1/2 mile from the housing, but that kind of cancels out the convenience of delivery if you ask me. - Nov 2021

Delivery used to be a highlight. The app "Shuttle" delivers from about 75 restaurants near the base and would come to your house for 2-4k won. However, the base operators decided to shut it down, as not all could use it.There is hope that it will start up again, but for now it is a major downer on morale, at least in my family. You can still order shuttle if you meet the driver at the gate of the base. - Feb 2020

American fast food is everywhere but it isn't cheaper or better than the Korean chains. There are lots of McDonald's, Burger Kings, Pizza Hut, and Popeye's chicken places off base. Skip all of them and eat and at Korean restaurants. Note that some places don't really like singles eating alone (portions are for 2 people) but delivery or take out is easy so you don't miss out. - Feb 2016

There are literally thousands of restaurants, at any price you want to pay. Many American chains as well. One thing that is different here -- many places only have 1-3 items on the menu. So going out is much more about deciding exactly what you want to eat and then going to the place that has the best whatever-that-is. And everyone in your party has to agree. The foodie scene is getting bigger all the time, as is the craft beer movement. You do have to research and ask around to find the "hidden gem" restaurants. Otherwise you'll pay too much for mediocre food. - Feb 2016

Fast food outlets are everywhere and reasonably priced. Restaurants are awesome here; you can eat just about anything, but the local food is what we loved the most! - Jul 2015

More fast food than you could ever want on base and delicious food from around the world in Seoul. It is a foodie's dream. Seoul is expensive though! - Feb 2015

Everything, just more than in the U.S. off post, and same as in the States on post. - Jan 2014

You will find most American chains here, with the exception of Mexican. Prices are similar to the U.S., but in the summers McDonald's used to have 3000 won (A little under 3 bucks) Big Mac combos which I ended up indulging more often than I should because it was such a cheap meal. Also, fast food made here tends to look remarkably like they do in photos because Korean entry-level workers here take extreme pride in quality and workmanship, even for the lowly burger. - Sep 2013

The best thing about Korea is its food. Meals are pretty cheap and always include kimchi and other panchan (side dishes).Two people can easily eat a full meal for 14,000 won ($14) or less. I recommend trying the variety of stews - or jiggae. Bibimbap - rice mixed with meat and vegetables- is a reliable staple and Korean BBQ is also delicious. Samgyupsal -pork belly -- never disappoints!You may also want to try Korean style "chikin" - or fried chicken -- which is quite popular and comes in many delicious flavors. Prices are very reasonable. A meal with any of the above mentioned items easily goes for 7000 won ($7) per person. Korean restaurants generally have very quick service. But there are designated Korean fast-food chains, such as the Lotteria - which serves hamburgers and fries. Kimbap Heaven (Kimpap Chonguk) is another one of my favorites. You can get a generous serving of your favorite kimbap roll (sort of like a sushi roll) in about 2 minutes for under 4000 won ($4).Western fast food is slightly more pricey. KFC, Popeyes, McDonalds, and Burger King are all available. A new Taco Bell recently opened in Itaewon. Korean style Chinese food, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Japanese food are widely available in Seoul and other big cities. Coffee shops are widely available. - Jan 2011

Nice restaurants of every kind. From 5.00 to 50.00 per dinner, depending on what you like. You have McDonald's, Taco bell, and just about everything you can think of. And the Bulgarian restaurant is just perfect! - Dec 2010

There are many decent to excellent restaurants in Seoul. If you like Korean food, you can get a feast for a very reasonable price, typically four to five US dollars. Most Korean restaurants are good as they know that with so many restaurants, they'll go out of business with substandard service. Seoul has more non-Korean restaurants opening all of the time from the moderately priced to the over-the-top ultimate epicurean experience and the expense to boot. - Sep 2009

Just about every type of fast food and world foods are available. Quality of world cuisines are rapidly increasing although often expensive. - Jul 2008

Many available-there are several fast food restaurants on the base and many in Seoul. However, the best aspect of Korea is its food-which is also fairly affordable if you stick to the small regular street restaurants. - May 2008

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