Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Koreans are pretty intolerant, so more of a don't ask don't tell situation. - Nov 2021

Korea is a bit conservative about this...there have been organized protests against mistreatment of homosexual couples. I have not heard of couples being targeted or harrased but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. - Feb 2016

I think so. There is an active night life in Itaewon for the LGBT community. But in general Koreans are quite conservative, so they don't really talk about this. - Jul 2015

Not sure. - Jan 2014

They are tolerated and expat LGBT will have no problems here, but despite what you see on TV and Korean pop culture, homosexuals among the Koreans here are still treated like a mental disease. - Sep 2013

It seems to be very "don't ask- don't tell."I have heard that there are gay-friendly establishments in Itaewon. In 2000, Korean actor Hong Seok-cheon was the first celebrity in Korea to come out. He was subsequently fired from a popular variety show and has since made a comeback as an entrepreneur. - Jan 2011

It's great for gay and lesbian people, lots of places to go and the expatriate gay community is friendly and interfaces with the Korean gay community well. - Dec 2010

There seems to be pockets in Seoul where homosexuality is prevalent and tolerated. However, your typical Korean is not really warm and fuzzy about the subject. - Sep 2009

Generally not that tolerant but there are sections of the city that are known to have gay bars/clubs. - Jul 2008

Moderately tolerant. There are some gay bars and nightlife, etc. - May 2008

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