Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

In a heartbeat. - Mar 2022

Nope, not in a million years (or until after 2025). - Nov 2021

Absolutely...after the Embassy moves to a new building and base housing is gone. - Feb 2020

absolutely - Feb 2016

Absolutely! - Feb 2016

Definitely! We have great memories of our time in Korea. - Jul 2015

I am honestly not sure. Seoul has some major positives (U.S. conveniences on base, beauty of Korea, great sites/food in Seoul) but some major negatives (isolation on base and not getting immersed in Seoul, expensive to travel out of Korea, drawbacks of schools, odd mix of embassy community) that make it difficult to decide. There isn't much in the "middle" here. - Feb 2015

I would go there again in a heartbeat. Our kids would be so excited to hear we were going back. - Jan 2014

Absolutely! Seoul is called the Miracle on the Han River for a reason. - Sep 2013

Yes, because I like my job, and I have invested in learning the language. However, if you are looking for a more exotic experience, you could get very bored here. - Jan 2011

Never. I hate group housing compounds, and the constant interface of the US Army base and the army police is terrible. Living on base pretty much kills the experience here unless you have a family, and then it's really nice living close to your kids' friends. So for families, yes, singles, no. - Dec 2010

In a second. - Sep 2009

Yes. - Jul 2008

No. Who wants to live on an army base? Plenty of people, it turns out, but not myself. It puts a huge barrier between you and Korea. Many people never leave the base except to go to the sleazy bars in Itaewon. It's not an interesting cross-cultural experience. Seoul is way too overpriced for what it is-which is a city not nearly as sophisticated as Tokyo nor as interesting and cheap as a Bangkok or Beijing. For these prices, I could be in Paris. - May 2008

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