Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

My favs from Trader Joe's, but really you can find everything you need here. - Mar 2022

Nothing really. Korean vegetables are different than what you're used to but where isn't that true. It's fine if you can adapt to local availability. You can find almost anything at specialty stores but the prices are premium. - Nov 2021

Tzatziki. - Feb 2020

the army exchange and commissary cover most household goods. I would actually bring less of those things with me. If you are a 'curvy' person you will struggle to find clothes that fit and amazon will be your best friend. if your feet are bigger than a size 7 you will be ordering shoes too. If you are a woman, you better bring a good supply of 'feminine products' and be prepared to order from Amazon. - Feb 2016

You can get anything you'd want, either locally or through the DPO - Feb 2016

Nothing really. - Jul 2015

Everything is available here. - Feb 2015

Between the commissary and PX and APO, we could get pretty much anything. If you need specialty items for allergies, gluten-free, etc. that Amazon doesn't ship, stock up on that. - Jan 2014

Hot sauce, Mexican food condiments, ziploc bags. - Sep 2013

If you have specific toiletry products that you like to use, I suggest bringing extras. If you are not picky about brands, then this won't be a problem. If you have access to the Commissary or PX, you should not have any problems. - Jan 2011

Nothing special. - Dec 2010

As a US Gov't. employee with base and commissary access, you needn't worry about availability of items. That is the case if you don't have access too although be prepared to pay higher. - Sep 2009

Nothing I can think of. - Jul 2008

Everything is available here. Perhaps some gardening items. - May 2008

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