Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are three gyms on base. Two have monthly fees and one is free. I've heard local gyms are quite affordable, but haven't been myself. There is an English-speaking yoga studio and a Pilates studio with English-speaking instructors 5-10 minutes walking distance from the gate. - Mar 2022

One free gym on base that's closing in early 2022. Another at the army's hotel on base that's about $60 a month. No idea outside. - Nov 2021

There's a free gym on base, not sure when it will close. Yoga is offered near base for reasonable prices. - Feb 2020

The army bases have free gyms but private gyms are pricey and don't have American style or quality equipment. - Feb 2016

There is a gym on base that is free, with small fees for classes. It is also fairly easy to run on base. There are miles and miles of bike trails along the Han River. Also lots of hiking available nearby. - Feb 2016

Yes, on base, and they are free. - Jul 2015

Free gyms on base. - Feb 2015

Available, free on post, not sure how much off post. - Jan 2014

Gym memberships are ridiculously expensive here. - Sep 2013

There are gyms available on the local economy. The base has two gyms. - Jan 2011

The gyms on base are free for diplomats, but are dirty and unplesant, but with nice machines. Gyms are easy to find and are much nicer off the base. - Dec 2010

Gyms are available and some are similar to US-style gyms. The military base has a nice gym that is free and a nicer one that has a monthly fee. Many parks in Korea have outdoor workout equipment next to hiking and biking trails. - Sep 2009

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