Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Themed cafes, karaoke rooms, amusement parks, bicycle trails, running clubs, kayaking on the Han River, camping/glamping, skiing, and so much more. - Mar 2022

There are too many to list. Use Tripadvisor/Google and you can come up with a list of 50 things just in Seoul. - Feb 2020

Hiking is huge here. There are lots of outdoor activities and many groups that organize weekend bus trips around the country. There is so much to do for everyone. The country is small so I don't know about any hidden gems- however you will have a few special experiences that you will hold dear to you. - Feb 2016

We traveled quite easily and inexpensively using the bullet train to other cities like Busan and Daegu, and we flew to Jeju Island. Throughout Seoul there are a lot of parks, temples, cafes, and restaurants. The food here is amazing, and some places are quite cheap. - Jul 2015

The base has a great library which we can use. After being away from public libraries for many years, it is nice to check out books again! Lots of other interesting things to do depending on your interests- hiking clubs, cooking clubs, language groups, book clubs. Skiing is nearby in the winter. We have been white water rafting and pear picking. Lots of ways to get out and explore nature here even though you are in a megacity. - Feb 2015

If you're into amusement parks there are Lotte World, Seoul land, Everland, and others. If you want culture and history, there are tons of museums and historical sites, Buddhist temples (Seongmodo island is awesome off the west coast). The folk village in Suwon is wonderful. The national and war museums are free and huge. Butterfinger Pancakes has the world's greatest pancakes (the mozzarella cheese pancakes, seriously, try them). There are movie theaters, silly museums (ice museums open all year, trick eye museum, hands-on reptile/bug museums, rolling ball museums, kids museums, etc.). The Children's Grand Park zoo is free and great. You can do stuff every single weekend and not run out of stuff to do here. - Jan 2014

Korea has plenty of beautiful natural traits to it that will make it friendly for outdoorsy hikers. Hiking is a national pastime here. Make sure to visit (and please, do so with respect) some of the gorgeous Buddhist Temples which are considered treasures. If you're a bachelor and like drinking and partying till the sun comes up, take the KTX to Busan in the end of July/beginning of August and go to Haeundae Beach. They regularly have a million people there on a small strip of land. I've never seen so many beautiful women at any one place in my life, and fun loving Koreans down here on the Southern tip are used to seeing tourists from Western countries here and it's safe to even sleep at the beach. - Sep 2013

Hiking, skiing, eating, visiting the Yongsan Electronics Market or Techno Mart, going to the CGV movie theatre, shopping in Myeongdong, Namdaemun, and Dongdaemun, visiting a folk village, touring the DMZ, and learning about Korean War history. Practicing Korean. - Jan 2011

Great art centers, concerts, performances, great guest artists, great places to visit, beautiful beaches, all pretty reasonable. - Dec 2010

Seeing the DMZ is a must; it is a fascinating yet chilling experience to come face to face- literally- with someone that could spark an international incident with the slightest shows of disrespect. Hiking is the national pastime in this country as you'll see Koreans and expats alike heading to local mountains routinely for sometimes grueling hikes straight uphill- no switchbacks. There are many palaces dating back 500+ years. There are theme parks for kids and families. Spas/ saunas are prevalent and can range in price for entry from ten to thirty US dollars for entry. At these places you can soak in multiple mineral baths of varying temperature, get a massage, sleep, and eat a reasonably priced meal. The best thing to do is befriend Koreans and do what they do if you want the best Korean experience. - Sep 2009

Lots. Palaces, museums, water parks, theme parks, sightseeing, etc. Also, hiking, golfing and skiing are popular activities. - Jul 2008

Hiking, visiting the palaces and few historic sights, gardening (in your own yard), a variety of small town activities on base (bowling, put put golf-if that's your thing), some okay shopping, sight-seeing, going to the beach (in southern Korea), and all the sleazy bars you can shake a stick at. - May 2008

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