Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Four seasons. Winter can be super cold, but dry and sunny. Summer is the worst time of year as it's hot, muggy, and airless. The shoulder seasons are short but the best time of year. - Nov 2021

It is extremely hot and humid at times, very cold and windy at others. More wet than dry. You can get the specifics from googling Seoul weather patterns better than you could from post reports. - Feb 2020

Summers are very humid and hot and the winters are bitterly cold with ice and snow. They don't clear the ice from the roads so be careful when driving. - Feb 2016

There are definitely 4 seasons. Spring is gorgeous. Summer can be hot and muggy. Fall is short. Winter is surprisingly cold, although very dry. - Feb 2016

4 distinct seasons. Winter can get quite cold, Summer is very humid, Fall and Spring are wonderful. - Jul 2015

Very much like Washington, DC. Four distinct seasons- hazy, hot and humid summer. Short but very nice spring and fall. Our winter was mild but I understand they can be very cold too. - Feb 2015

Hot, humid summers with monsoon rains in July (sometimes very, very wet, other years just really humid); amazing, long fall with wonderful weather (although sometimes windy); cold winters; unpredictable springs (some great days, some rain, lots of wind). - Jan 2014

Humid and rainy summers, frigid cold winters. Last winter I spent here, it reached -25C regularly and I nearly panicked from being too darn cold when I under-dressed like a fool. - Sep 2013

The spring is short, but pleasant. Summer is hot, humid and rainy. Winter is long, and bitterly cold. Fall is beautiful, but way too short. - Jan 2011

Very cold winters, mild summers, not too hot. - Dec 2010

Four seasons- fall and spring are beautiful. Winter is a damp cold, but rarely does it snow with any precipitation. Summer is similar in temperature to the mid-Atlantic US with a rainy season that lasts about four to five weeks from July to August. When the rainy season is over you can see the steam coming out of the ground the last week of peak summer heat. - Sep 2009

Four seasons - similar to DC. - Jul 2008

Cold winters, some snow. Hot muggy summers. Similar to D.C. There is a bad mosquito problem on the base. - May 2008

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