Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Skincare, pottery, craft paper, textiles, stationary. - Mar 2022

Tailored suits/shirts, some art, but not like you might find at other posts. - Feb 2020

skin care products. - Feb 2016

Chopsticks, hanboks, pottery. - Jul 2015

Purses, Korean souvenirs (fans, carvings, etc.). - Jan 2014

Beautiful handmade Korean household goods, ceramics, pottery, utensils, fans. Again, try making some friends and embed yourself into the local culture instead of going to the easiest major tourist site where you'll get ripped off with Chinese made goods listed above. There is still an extremely proud and cultivated world of classic Korean goods that is popular here. - Sep 2013

Hanji (Korean paper) art is beautiful. Perhaps antique furniture? Celedon tea sets? Unique designer womens' clothing, if it fits? A hanbok (traditional Korean clothing)? - Jan 2011

furniture and custom-made clothes. - Dec 2010

Celadon pottery and other earthenware; custom-made clothing; Korean art and supplies; handcrafted households items made from silk, rice, and other materials. - Sep 2009

Art work and pottery. - Jul 2008

Traditional styled Korean blanket chests and celadon pottery are about the only unique items here. The rest of the junk is knock offs from China that can be bought cheaper in China if bought at all. - May 2008

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