Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

yes...if you are conscious of doing so. - Feb 2016

We have, although not much. It can get expensive to do all the fun things here! - Feb 2016

Yes and no. It is quite expensive to live here, but if you stick to a budget you can save a little. - Jul 2015

Yes, but only if you're careful. Cost of living is high if you do everything there is to do and use taxis a lot. Also, there are lots of great travel opportunities but they are more expensive than you'd expect so many people use all their extra money on travel. - Jan 2014

It's very possible if you will eat the local cuisine and limit your night outings. - Sep 2013

Yes, if you avoid expensive restaurants and don't travel much. - Jan 2011

Only if you don't eat out (its expensive here) or eat cheap Korean food. - Dec 2010

Seoul is not cheap, but if you live like a Seoulite and take advantageof some of the things that are value-added, it's not too bad. - Sep 2009

If you like traveling, shopping, and eating good food outside the base, definitely not. But if you rely mostly on the base, you can definitely save. - Jul 2008

No no and more no. - May 2008

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