Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Many of the university hospitals have International Clinics, where you can receive care from English-speaking doctors. The Health Unit has a clinic on base in the embassy housing area, where you can receive very basic care. - Mar 2022

Air quality is bad. Restaurants don't inspire confidence in their safe food handling if you peek into the kitchen. - Nov 2021

Air quality is pretty bad. It can be close to 300 AQI some days. Schools sometimes don't let kids go outside. sometimes you can hardly see across the street. Medical care is top notch here. It is equal to, or better than, the U.S. generally. a lot of people get Lasik eye surgery since it is cheap (about $1,200 for both eyes). - Feb 2020

healthcare is generally good...but it doesn't meet U.S. standards of hygiene in my opinion. Do your research. - Feb 2016

Excellent medical care, both on base and locally. There is some medical tourism, mostly for elective procedures. - Feb 2016

Medical care is great. We have had good experiences. - Jul 2015

First-rate medical care. U.S. or London-trained doctors. Their hospitals are huge and are run very efficiently. The med unit here doesn't do a lot of hand holding to help guide you through the process like I have had at other posts but once you get to know the system, the medical care itself is great. Every hospital has an International Patient check-in desk and they help you. - Feb 2015

Medical is generally very good. The post has an American hospital and dentist, but off-post care seems very good also. Orthodontics off post was great. - Jan 2014

Healthcare here is 1st world with the latest in advancements. - Sep 2013

Excellent medical care is available in Korea. Many people get orthodontic work done or lasic surgery. Plastic surgery advertisements are everywhere! - Jan 2011

The military hospital is undependable. It is first for the military. You can wait hours and be turned away; not recommended. Off-base, Samsung is top notch, and St. Mary's is good, too, with international reception centers. Skin care is fantastic. Hair transplants, the best. - Dec 2010

Medical care is excellent. This used to be a post without an RMO, but that has changed. The base has a military hospital which provides limited services to non-military government personnel. The medical office through the embassy provides referral services for local practitioners at state of the art medical facilities in Seoul. Doctors here are excellent, well-trained, and often speak English very well; however, they do not like to be questioned about philosophy. It's a "my way or the highway" type of attitude. - Sep 2009

Top notch medical care. Koreans are particularly good at dental and skin care. - Jul 2008

Good health care is available here (a lot of Class 2 medicals get placed here) both on the base and on the local economy. There is something of a plastic surgery boom going on amongst expats. No real health concerns-save traffic accidents. - May 2008

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