Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Surprisingly formal. - Nov 2021

Slightly more formal than in the U.S., but you could get away with the same dress code. Koreans have no hesitation showing all of their legs but are not ok with cleavage or too much neckline showing. Swimsuits tend to be shorts and a shirt for men, a one piece with shorts and a shirt for women, and everybody must wear a hat in a lot of pools/water parks. - Feb 2020

typical U.S. dress code at work. In public people cover their arms but show lots of leg. - Feb 2016

Koreans are sharp dressers, both for work and play. You can wear whatever you want, but you will stand out if you're sloppy. - Feb 2016

Office attire at work. Koreans are quite formal, too, but anything goes, really. - Jul 2015

Very formal. Koreans dress up even for recreation, with sporty, matching outfits. Couples often match. Regular day dress is much nicer than most Westerners. Women wear heals and skirts most of the time. Also, very modest tops even if shorts and skirts are very short. - Jan 2014

Formal. - Sep 2013

Very formal at the office. Relaxed, but slightly more formal than in the U.S. in public settings. - Jan 2011

Suits mostly, for English teachers, very casual. - Dec 2010

Formal business attire. Korean dress to the nines. If you're socializing, it can be come as you are, but not necessarily like Jeff Lebowski. - Sep 2009

Business attire. Koreans are very fashion conscious. - Jul 2008

Business-suits, the usual. Same as at home. The Koreans dress more formally than most Americans and are very style conscious. - May 2008

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