Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

It takes a lot of effort but can be done, mostly to overcome the logistical hurdles of living on base. There are biking groups for expats, plus the usual bar/club scene. - Nov 2021

So many options. Any situation in the U.S. is pretty much a choice here. - Feb 2020

See above comments...there isn't anything you can't do here. I went to concerts, festivals, hikes, beach trips, etc. Had the time of my life. - Feb 2016

Lots of restaurants, bars, clubs, concerts, sporting events, and various outdoor activities. Base has a movie theater, pool, and bowling alley. Korean barbecue restaurants are a lot of fun, too! Also, most Korean evenings involve at least one stop at a place that sells fried chicken and beer. You can be as busy (or not) as you want. - Feb 2016

"Norebangs" (karaoke/singing rooms) are a lot of fun. We would go out often with our friends and colleagues. There are lots of restaurants. The nightclubs are of fun, too! - Jul 2015

Lots of great restaurants, Itaewon is famous for restaurants from most countries around the world, there are also tons of bars, and Karaoke is huge. - Jan 2014

Endless. This is a city where it's too easy to meet new friends to hang out with if you learn some basic Korean. If you like drinking, Seoul will turn you into a happy, functioning alcoholic when it's not work hours. - Sep 2013

If you like karaoke, norebang (karaoke rooms) are everywhere. Movie theatres are high quality. Korean restaurants are cheap and good. If you are part of the Embassy community, there are many opportunities to join clubs and socialize on base. People host house parties and BBQs. Many expats seem to find ways to volunteer at orphanages and animal shelters. - Jan 2011

Easy to find a party, and the bar scene is fun. - Dec 2010

For US Embassy personnel, it can be quite enjoyable depending on the attitude of colleagues. There are some established events and traditions on post that are really a great deal of fun. Of course, there are official functions as well as the Marine Ball and the number of activities and special events offered on the US Military Garrison where most US government personnel live. - Sep 2009

Great night life. You can find people out eating/drinking well past midnight every single day of the week. - Jul 2008

Lots of nightlife, bars and restaurants, although expensive. People on base are BBQ mad-it's like somekind of Stepford-ville on the weekends. - May 2008

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