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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

Most spouses/partners have home-based businesses or work remotely for a company in the US. - Mar 2022

Telework, embassy jobs. I don't know anybody working on the local economy. Salaries are surprisingly lower than the U.S., but not shockingly so. - Feb 2020

other than teaching English (make sure you have the right visa for this!!!!) your job opportunities as an expat are limited. - Feb 2016

If you want to teach English, yes. Otherwise it is harder unless you're fluent in Korean. However, telecommuting is easy because of the great internet. - Feb 2016

Yes, my wife taught English in Korean elementary schools. - Jul 2015

This is a big complaint for many spouses. There are limited options on post but the SOFA agreement doesn't allow spouses to work off post. - Jan 2014

Here's a secret tip I used when I first arrived here many many years ago. Go to local Korean colleges and see bulletins or ask if any students need help with their English essays/HW/etc. Korean's pay big bucks when it comes to their education and despite the significantly easier pace they take in universities compared to high schools, there are still many eager to further themselves and pay for it. - Sep 2013

Yes, if you want to be an English teacher. Defense contractor types also tend to do well. - Jan 2011

Teaching English is easy to get, but a visa can be required. For American diplomats, you can bring students on base "legally" to teach them. The US military advertises jobs as well. - Dec 2010

Most jobs for people that don't already have one here are based in the English teaching profession. It is very difficult to come to Korea and find work in a corporate environment without prior connections or a solid network. - Sep 2009

Seems that way. Always demand for English speakers. - Jul 2008

Yes. Teaching mostly. - May 2008

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