Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Excellent. Sour pusses among expats are those who refuse to learn basics of the Korean culture. - Sep 2013

Generally good, but it depends on one's situation. It can be a difficult culture to break into, if you want to experience things in their truest form. If you are not worried about totally integrating with the Korean population, are content with doing "touristy" things, andenjoy living as an "expat"/"foreigner" - Korea can be a very easy place to live. If you make Korean friends, learn some of the language and are open minded about Korean food, you will probably do okay. Do I miss home when I can't walk into a store downtown and find my shoe or clothing size?Sure. But I also enjoy sitting on the heated floor of a small restaurant, trying to make sense of the menu and ordering food in my best Korean. The restaurant worker will usually smile at my efforts and then I get to share samgyupsal, kimchi and all the side dishes with my husband. That's the sort of thing you can only experience in Korea. - Jan 2011

Good morale, except for singles forced to live on base, who dislike the living arrangements very much. Families just love it though! - Dec 2010

It wavers. If you come here and try to compare things to your own norm, you're going to be disappointed at times. If you come here with an open mind and explore Seoul and immerse yourself in the culture, you're going to have a great time. - Sep 2009

Generally not to bad although you hear the usual whining about pollution, traffic, etc. - Jul 2008

Pretty good. - May 2008

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