Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Google Fi and T-Mobile work here, but I recommend having a local plan. Many services authenticate through your phone provider, so it is convenient to have one. (Like buying movie tickets, etc.) - Mar 2022

Local is easy enough. - Nov 2021

Getting a sim is a real pain. You can only get a temporary one when you first arrive and you have to explain/borderline argue with the phone store about why you qualify for a long term sim with your diplomatic card. Rates are ok, not great. A little cheaper than the US, but are much faster and you will have data everywhere. mountains, subways, skyscrapers, basements, you have LTE up to 200 mbps. - Feb 2020

You can get a phone on base or bring your own unlocked one. Most people get cell service through the army base. Plan prices are comparable to the U.S. the coverage is outstanding and works at all the metro stations. Data speed is FAST and service is very reliable. - Feb 2016

We got one cell phone from the vendor on base. It was a two-year plan, but you can get shorter contracts. You can use an unlocked phone and just buy a Korean sim, but you have to take the phone to a special government office to register it first. Any cell service vendor can explain it to you. - Feb 2016

The U.S. Embassy issues phones for staff, but if you want your own personal phone there is a place on base near Starbucks and also others throughout Itaewon. - Jul 2015

One Stop near the Starbucks on base is the best deal. Cell phones plans run about US$90 a month for unlimited data and talk. - Feb 2015

If you have on-post access, the One-Stop on post by the Embassy Club/Jamba Juice has the best deals. But it's the home of Samsung. There are awesome phones, awesome service everywhere. - Jan 2014

A wide array are available here, often on the cutting edge of new. - Sep 2013

Cell phones are plentiful. Everyone has one. - Jan 2011

You must use a Korean cell phone and buy it here, the system is not universal. Any phone that works anywhere else often won't work here. Some BlackBerries work here, good luck! - Dec 2010

Cell phones are great here as this is the land of Samsung and LG; however, for expats the rules of acquisition and service plans are restrictive and quite expensive. In most cases, non-Koreans have prepay plans although there are some contract/ monthly bill scenarios available depending on status. - Sep 2009

Everyone has one-either provided by work or bought themselves. - May 2008

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