Seoul - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Very safe, affordable, reliable, and convenient. - Mar 2022

Yes. Living on base is a transit dead zone, so few on Yongsan use it much. The isolation of the housing from transit stops forces you to drive all the time. - Nov 2021

100% safe 100% cheap. - Feb 2020

Buses and trains are safe. taxis are generally affordable but make sure you know your route to avoid being ripped off. - Feb 2016

The subway, bus, train, and taxi systems are fabulous and inexpensive. - Feb 2016

Very affordable and safe. - Jul 2015

safe, affordable and you can pretty much go anywhere. - Feb 2015

Yes, they are all safe and affordable. - Jan 2014

Extremely safe and affordably. Fun trick, every subway fare you take (either via outdated ticket or RFID card) also entitles you to one free bus ride connection right after. Taking the time to learn the extremely well sorted public transit system in Seoul will allow you to make appointments and meet people with surgical precision. It's a reason why Koreans take punctuality as seriously as the Japanese. - Sep 2013

The subway is clean and affordable: you can ride almost anywhere in Seoul for 900 won (90 cents). Buses run frequently and are just as cheap as the subway. You can take a taxi across town for under 10,000 won ($10).Taxis are a great place to learn and practice Korean. I have met some very kind taxi drivers in Seoul. - Jan 2011

The KTX travels at 200 miles per hour across the country and it is inexpensive. Other trains are less expensive. The buses are nice: a four-hour trip can cost up to 18.00 US dollars -- not bad! - Dec 2010

Yes. Trains/ subway cost about one US dollar for an average in-town jaunt- buses the same. Taxis cost typically four to five dollars for a ten to fifteen minute ride. Clearly, when traffic is heavier and the ride longer, one will pay more. - Sep 2009

They are all very affordable and safe. - Jul 2008

Safe and affordable. Buses are great and the subway is also excellent. - May 2008

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