Istanbul - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

We shipped things in advance so we'd have them upon arrival - paper towels, tp, cleaning supplies (the Turkish ones are very smelly, as is the detergent), shampoo (see aforementioned smelliness), diapers, coffee, maple syrup, and so on. I regularly had Amazon deliveries for some things I was particular about, like gluten-free muesli, Dunkin' ground coffee, some vitamins, tampons, brownie mix, and branded cold medicine. - Aug 2021

Nothing - everything is available locally, via DPO or from the employee association store. - Sep 2017

Nothing. Everything is available, and if not, order it online (liquids notwithstanding). - Oct 2010

none - Jan 2010

Consumables which are very expensive here, if available at all - Jan 2010

Nothing comes to mind, as you can find most things here. - Dec 2009

Food and cleaning supplies. Coolers to store frozen products bought at the commissary in Ankara for the drive back to Istanbul. - Dec 2009

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