Istanbul - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Tons of gyms everywhere, at costs pretty similar to the US (anywhere from $60 a month and up). The Consulate does not have a gym, so if you want to work out you have to join one or build your own gym. There are personal training studios, CrossFit studios, yoga and spinning classes, boutique gyms, and more general Gold's Gym types. The Turks are generally active, and on the weekends local parks are packed with hikers, runners, soccer players, and kids. The Bosporus has a very wide sidewalk running along it all the way from downtown Istanbul to way up north. I ran along the Bosporus, and there are a multitude of people using that to walk and run and workout with the workout stations along the way. - Aug 2021

Many gyms in the area of each housing unit. Prices run about the same as a higher-end gym in the U.S. ($100/month) with similar quality. - Sep 2017

Yes and they are shamelessly expensive, from what I understand. My residence had a full gym (FREE for government residents) so I could work out anytime. - Oct 2010

Yes, everywhere and at every price depending on what you want - but not always co-ed - Jan 2010

None at the Consulate for use and to join a health club is over 1k with payment in full up front. - Jan 2010

Yes, for free in some buildings, at big-city prices in others. Expat neighborhoods also have independent gyms. - Dec 2009

Yes, but they are expensive. The ones in the apartment complexes can easily run $1800+ a year per person. - Dec 2009

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