Istanbul - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Consulate is business/business casual. Turks dress more conservatively than other Western Europe countries, and about half the women are in head scarves. As a woman, I felt comfortable in skirts at my knee and tank tops, but never wore shorts (even when running outside or in the hot summer months). In the touristy areas you will see all manner of dress, from belly shirts to mini skirts to completely covered women. I felt most comfortable wearing pants that covered at least to my knees. In the resort and beach areas, however, there were plenty of bikinis and shorts. - Aug 2021

Business dress (suits, dresses) is the norm, though several sections lean towards business casual (collared shirt and khaki). - Sep 2017

Professional at work. Whatever you like in public, although even the Turkish punks are conservative (no tats, faux-hawks, etc.). - Oct 2010

Much more dressy than the US - Jan 2010

Formal, even on weekends. Turks dress to keep up with the Joneses so you will stand out if not dressed well - Jan 2010

Work can be formal business attire, and higher-end situations call for something classier. Neither local men nor women appear to wear shorts in public, even when it's hot. But jeans and t-shirts are common. - Dec 2009

Formal, but not too formal. - Dec 2009

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