Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you recommend any books or movies about this city/country for those who are interested in learning more?

'The Mask of Anarchy' and 'The House on Sugar Beach' - Oct 2021

Online there is very little and this place is changing so fast that stuff you read that is a year old does not apply now. Just keep an open mind and be willing to go with the flow. - Aug 2019

The House at Sugar Beach by Helen Cooper (Book) and Firestone and the Warlord (Documentary). - Aug 2019

Another America, The History of Liberia; James Ciment. Charles Taylor and Liberia; Colin M Waugh. Chasing the Devil; Tim Butcher. A Journey Without Maps; Graham Greene. - Nov 2017

Books: Another America, Journey Without Maps, American Warlord, Little Liberia, Long Story Bit by Bit.

Movies: Pray the Devil Back to Hell, Firestone and the Warlord, An Uncivil War. - Jun 2016

Blue Clay People/William Powers; Mighty Be Our Powers/Leymah Gbowee; The Darling/Russell Banks; Another America/James Ciment; Journey Without Maps/Graham Greene; Chasing the Devil/Tim Butcher; Long Story Bit by Bit/Tim Hetherington. - Aug 2015

Don't bother with This Child Will Be Great: Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa's First Woman President , the autobiography of the current president. She is very proud of herself and it comes across in the book, but she is gone a lot and takes credit for all the good stuff here, but none of the blame for the problems. 'The Darling: A Novel ' is a good historical novel that's fairly accurate. Don't waste your money on Cracking the Code: The Confused Traveler's Guide to Liberian English . The people I have heard talking 'local' after reading it just sound stupid and insult the locals. - Dec 2013

Search for news articles about Liberia by NYT correspondent Helene Cooper (she fled Liberia as a child during the civil war); as well as her book "The House at Sugar Beach". Also, president Sirleaf's book: "This Child will be Great". - Aug 2010

Blue Clay People, William Powers; The Mask of Anarchy, Stephen Ellis; A Continent for the Taking, Howard W. French; Red Dust on Green Leaves, John Gray; The House at Sugar Beach, Helene Cooper - Jul 2009

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