Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

My housing was wonderful in that it was the penthouse unit on the beach in Mamba Point. The views were incredible, and just a couple minutes to the embassy. However, the whole place leaked during the rainy season, and the electricity was not grounded, so I shocked myself a few times. There was mold everywhere, and the electricity would often go out for hours (despite two backup generators). The water pump went out several times a month (sometimes in the middle of a shower). Most housing that is not newly built seems to be in rough shape. - Oct 2021

There is a wide range of housing but almost all units are 3 bedrooms units. If you have a large family there are limited options. Most housing is within walking distance (5-10 min.) of the Embassy. We happen to live further out so our drive is usually about 20 minutes but can run up to an hour. - Aug 2019

Housing is basic (mostly apts), however we had three bedroom apt for a family of three (grew to four while at post). There was no usable outdoor space around our apt building, which we would have loved, as we have small children. If you are located on upper floors of the building you get a nice view of the ocean (first floor gets a view of the wall). We lived walking distance to the Embassy, which was great for us. Groceries are expensive and fresh fruit and vegetables are limited. This was the biggest challenge of us while posted in Liberia. - Aug 2019

Most housing is apartments that do not have elevators. Due to climate and building construction, maintenance is a constant issue. Apartment sizes are smaller than would be expected living in Africa. Much of the diplomatic community is within walking distance to work. It's also an option to choose housing closer to the school which is a 20 minute drive to the embassy. - Aug 2019

We have a townhouse in a gated community, approx 10-20 min commute to the US embassy depending on traffic. It can be longer if there is any kind of incident but these seem reasonably rare. Other US embassy housing is mainly apartments, the majority right by the embassy but also some with a similar commute to us. Those with a commute are closer to the school(s). I have heard rumour of some stand-alone houses but not seen one. I think size-wise most places are 'average' for us embassy housing, quality probably a little below average due to the harsh environment and unavailability of quality materials and workmanship. - Nov 2017

Large apartment, five minute walk from embassy, near old embassy compound with gym, tennis courts, and swimming pool. Walking distance from a few hotels/restaurants. Housing is rundown but improving daily as it is a focus of the Embassy GSO. Some houses have ocean views. - Jun 2016

Most housing is in apartments of wildly varying levels of quality. Housing that is up to developed country standards is very expensive. Sinkor and Mamba Point (where the U.S. Embassy is located) are the most common areas for expats to live. The distance from Sinkor to Mamba Point is roughly 4 miles, takes about 15 minutes with no traffic, and can take between 20 and 45 minutes at rush-hour times. Anyone (i.e. NGOs, non-USG) who has to negotiate their own lease should make sure to specify 24-hour electricity, 24-hour security, and running water. - Aug 2015

Deteriorating, moldy, but large enough. You can usually find something close to where you work if you work in the city. - Dec 2013

Most embassy housing is located in and around the compound, with an easy walk to work. A few housing complexes are located a fair distance away, which requires a drive that can take usually a half an hour, but have taken easily over an hour to get to/from work. Nearly all housing is apartment living. Usually around 3 bedrooms. Some are quite nice, while others are in a serious need of an overhaul, with things such as faulty wiring and water leaks occurring. - Dec 2012

Mostly apartment living. Most are clustered near the Embassy, but a few are not. - Aug 2010

Most housing is located within walking distance of the embassy, some is located in town. Commute time from town can be anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on traffic. - Jul 2009

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