Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Aside from certain aspects of my career, none that I can think of. From the moment I arrived, I couldn't wait to leave. My best memories were the sound of my flight taking off from the RIA runway. - Oct 2021

The weather, except the rainy season. It is easy to get to Morocco from here and that been the source of several good trips. The Ivory Coast and Guinea are place you should go. We have also been to Togo and Benin which were excellent. You really need a sense of adventure here. - Aug 2019

Trips to Roberts Port with friends. - Aug 2019

We enjoyed hiking to a waterfall and visiting Monkey Island via Marshall. Robertsport and Labassa are excellent resort areas that are a good weekend away from the city. - Aug 2019

Golfing at the Firestone plantation, a trip to the beach at Robersport. I know people go big game fishing in the dry season but I've not done it yet. - Nov 2017

Good friends and a sense of adventure will take you a long way. - Jun 2016

There's not much infrastructure, but LIberia is a beautiful country - there are some beautiful beaches in Robertsport and Buchanan. Harper is especially gorgeous, though difficult to get to, and there are some nice beaches closer in to Monrovia as well. There's some good surfing in Robertsport. - Aug 2015

Getting away from it. A few trips to a beach in Robertsport, which is lovely and swimable, but the accomodations are very humble. It is called a 'resort', but that is an overstatement. Bring your own food and entertainment. There is also a nice beach and pool at a hotel called Kendeja. Beaches in town are used as toilets and for injectable drug use. Careful where you tread. - Dec 2013

Learning to surf, having a house right on the beach, hanging out at the beaches on the weekends, a nascient restaurant scene, amazing sunsets, very friendly people and they have their own brewery! - Aug 2010

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