Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

I did not have a pet, but I did see several coworkers with dogs. - Oct 2021

There is only really one vet here. Quite a few people have cats or dogs and if they go away they find friends to take care of their pet. Your pet does not have to be quarantined upon arrival but make sure you have all your papers in order or the airline will not even allow your pet to make the trip. Some families have used a service to ship their animals and as a whole it looks like that may be the best way to transport your pet. - Aug 2019

There is only 1 vet in-country and she has a basic kennel service. Most people rely on friend to look after pets when they are out of the country. - Aug 2019

There are two veterinarians in country that the expat community uses. There is no quarantine upon arrival. Make sure all your paper work is in order and that you have checked out requirements in connecting airports. - Aug 2019

Paperwork needs to be in order before coming (at Monrovia end), this can be time consuming, plan ahead. No quarantine. There is at least one European vet The environment is harsh, very hot very very humid ALL the time. I don't think this suits some dog breeds. - Nov 2017

No quarantines and there are at least two expat vets (Norwegian and Ethiopian). Sometimes medicine and equipment are not readily available, so good to bring extras if your pets have any issues or need medications. Getting pets in and out of the country is a bit of a hassle, but no special requirements and not unlike getting them out of any country. - Jun 2016

There are one or two vets, but services are limited. - Aug 2015

No, but there is a fee for a permit and poor vet service. Getting them back out though the connecting flights in Europe can be a headache and expensive. - Dec 2013

No. However I will state that I do not suggest bringing a pet unless you can stow it in the space in front of you on the plane. Liberia is a rabies-endemic country. Delta has an embargo on all checked pets, and BA and Brussels have a huge amount of rigamarole to go through to get your pet back out of the country. All together , it can be very expensive --- upwards of $3k through Brussels if you include all the blood tests you need. - Dec 2012

I think so. - Aug 2010

No. - Jul 2009

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