Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Nothing since I was able to order off of Amazon through the embassy if something wasn't available in-country. - Oct 2021

The problem here is that getting fresh vegetables and some meat cuts are hard and these are not things that you can ship. We like to cook out and you can get charcoal here but the quality is not very good. Also if you have pets getting pet supplies can be very hit and miss. For a couple of months you could not find kitty litter any where but that is why we have Amazon. - Aug 2019

Specialty items need to be brought to post. If you have a consumables shipment, use it first for liquids and specialty items then for every day items. Snacks are limited here. - Aug 2019

We shipped everything we needed but got some of the quantities wrong, should have brought more laundry detergent, dish washing soap and pasta sauce. - Nov 2017

I did - but wine, liquor, and good beer. Pet supplies if you need them. Everything is available in Monrovia but it is often less expensive to take advantage of consumables shipments (if you are lucky enough to have it) to stock up on bulk items and liquids that can't be sent through the pouch. - Jun 2016

I brought preferred cleaners, laundry detergent, shampoo, cooking oils, and a number of other household staples that I used a lot. Also bring favorite comfort foods! - Aug 2015

Mexican Food. - Dec 2013

More board games and things you can do with a group of friends. "Damp Rid" for your car; it gets kinda musty with the humidity. More sunscreen! Dry season is as opposite from rainy season as you can get. Soda and beer in your consumables. Liquids can be quite expensive on the local market, so if you are like me and really enjoy soda, definitely send some in your consumables. - Dec 2012

Spare tires. - Aug 2010

I would buy out Trader Joe's of all specialty items, including jarred sauces (Thai curry, enchilada sauce, salsa, etc). Also, ship your favorite soda, beer and wine. While you can generally find any kind of alcohol at a reasonable price, beer is limited to the local Club, Heineken and sometimes Carlsberg and Becks. The local Guiness is not good. Also, bring lots of items for entertaining and parties, including decorations and paper products. - Jul 2009

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