Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

I hear there is DHL, but I sent and received everything through my embassy mail pouch. - Oct 2021

All our mail is done through the Embassy. There is DHL and FedEx which we have used a few times. - Aug 2019

We never sent any mail, only received mail through the Embassy. There are not any good local postal facilities, the only option is the Embassy. - Aug 2019

There is not a local postal system that I'm aware of. DHL is an expensive option in the event of necessity. I receive mail through my diplomatic mission mail system. - Aug 2019

We have US embassy privileges, the pouch used to be quick and reliable but recent changes mean we ware waiting much longer. I have used DHL as well which is quite expensive, $90 to send a letter to the UK. - Nov 2017

I use embassy mail services - I think that using the local mail is possible, but not reliable. - Jun 2016

The post office is unreliable, and there is no address system in the country. I managed to send some post cards to the U.S. and Europe, and those usually arrived at their destination but took a long time. Fedex, UPS and DHL are available, but rates are high. It is common for expats to ask around the expat community if anyone can take a small package to or from Liberia to the U.S. or Europe. - Aug 2015

I don't. Bring it with you or forget it. I bring a lot back when I go out of country. Some NGO folks or corporate types get it through their sponsors. Embassy people have their own mail service. - Dec 2013

I use our pouch address for the embassy. - Dec 2012

Diplomatic pouch. The Liberian postal system exists, and it supposedly does work. I was able to send postcards to the US, and others have used it to send packages out. I don't know if anyone has used it to send anything into Liberia. DHL and TNT and (I think) Fedex will deliver. - Aug 2010

Embassy personnel use the pouch. We do not have an APO.You cannot ship glass, liquids or aerosols through the pouch. - Jul 2009

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