Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

I used my embassy gym, which was really great. Not sure about external gyms, but I do recall the hotel gyms being bare-bones. - Oct 2021

There is a pool and two gyms, tennis court and a basketball court in the Embassy. Our location, Ocean Club does have a pool and a nice gym but that is not a constant with all housing. If you do not have a pool or gym usually a friend will have one that you can use if you do not want to go to the embassy. - Aug 2019

There are few options outside of the Embassy, however we did not use them. Yoga was big and also football. - Aug 2019

There are gyms and personal trainers available locally. Yoga is a popular activity in the expat community. Weekly yoga sessions and retreats are available. Prices vary. - Aug 2019

All embassy staff have access to a large gym, most housing has a pool, possibly a tennis court, maybe it's own gym (ours has). There are local gyms ranging from local boxing clubs to fancy modern well equipped places. Again prices are high for the latter, I think $70/mth+ - Nov 2017

There are a few gyms in town - since I've been here I've participated in yoga, zumba, spinning, squash, bootcamp, running, boxing, and other random fitness classes. There are groups that play soccer, touch rugby, basketball, African dance and drumming, and volleyball. There are two golf courses, and several deep sea fishing operators. There is also a local Hash House Harriers, and a hiking club, though these seem to wax and wane depending on interest and leadership. There are definitely options and getting better by the day. - Jun 2016

I used the gym at work, but there are one or two private gyms in town. The gym in my apartment complex charged non-residents about $100 to use it - including free weights, treadmills, and cycling machines (frequently not working). There is also a 25-meter pool and a tennis court with a basketball hoop. There are one or two boxing gyms as well. - Aug 2015

A few poor ones, and a few pools. Frequent problems with power failures or broken equipment and no one in country can fix the stuff. Sometimes a tech is flown in, depending upon the gym owner. - Dec 2013

The embassy has a small workout facility. Other than that, no. - Dec 2012

Yes - but I preferred to excercise outside. - Aug 2010

The embassy has a nice gym facility, with plenty of cardio and weight machines and free weights. There are also basketball and tennis courts. There is a squash court in town and a private gym downtown (not U.S. standards). - Jul 2009

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