Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

There is really nothing to do in Liberia, and no hidden gems aside from an eco-lodge, a waterfall, exploring the abandoned Ducor hotel, and some local art stalls. The bars and beaches are basically the extent of it. - Oct 2021

The beaches, if you like to surf. If there is anything new that pops up the word is passed very quickly. Anglers is a well known restaurant but unfortunately not frequented enough. - Aug 2019

The local beaches are not great, pollution, rip tides etc but a shortish drive towards the airport they are a little better and there are 'resorts' providing food and drink. Usually busy on dry season weekends. - Nov 2017

Great beaches, surfing, camping trips, deep sea fishing, hiking Mount Nimba - Jun 2016

Going up to the urban ruins of the Ducor hotel for the best view in the city; surfing in Robertsport; amazing seafood if you buy it fresh from local fishers; pineapples, bananas and other tropical fruits to die for. - Aug 2015

Kendeja Beach. The sushi bar at Mamba Point. The old American Embassy compound feels like a park, but if you are not an Embassy person you have to be invited and escorted. - Dec 2013

Honestly, not too much. There are no movie theaters or malls or public parks. There are a few beaches in the area that are clean enough to go to, with Robertsport being the best, but it is about a 3-hour drive away. The advantage is that you will get to know many people at work and form close bonds. Currently a few of us get together every Sunday for drinks, dinner and board games. - Dec 2012

Beaches, sailing, visiting the chimps in Marshall, fishing, surfing in Robertsport, Volley ball at the YMCA, golfing at Firestone, visting the waterfalls in the countryside, shopping at waterside, visiting the ruins that were once the Hotel Africa. - Aug 2010

Most of our social events revolve around parties at the Marine House, dinner/events in the homes of colleagues and eating out. There are a few nice beaches just outside of town, but it's not necessarily safe to get in the ocean - either due to the cleanliness of the water or the very strong and unpredictable riptide. Robertsport is a lovely beach about two hours drive from Monrovia, near the Sierra Leonean border. Nana's Lodge operates a luxury tent camp there, with a decent restaurant. The beach is clean and safe and this is the primary surf spot in country - supposedly, one of the three best surfing locations on the west coast of the continent. - Jul 2009

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