Monrovia - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

I had a semi-recurring ant problem, but a good ant trap usually knocks them out within a day or so. Not much problem with mosquitos near the beach, but if you are inland you should definitely load up on an anti-malaria protocol. - Oct 2021

You will always get ants and water bugs during rainy season. You can spry all you want they will still come. There is malaria here but we have run into very few misquotes. - Aug 2019

Not as much of a problem as I had anticipated. Rainy season brings tiny ants and dry season brings cockroaches. - Aug 2019

I think most housing will have some degree of ants and roaches. The embassy will arrange spraying. - Nov 2017

Mosquitoes carry malaria and yellow fever. There are also bitey red ants and little black ants that get into the sugar. Roaches and millipedes are also common. - Aug 2015

Three friends got malaria. There are mosquitos in town, those who say there aren't are not truthful. Rats near garbage or open food. Lizards that don't bother you. Weavels get into your flour and sugar and cereal. - Dec 2013

Mosquitoes can be quite a nuisance in some areas, which is pretty standard, really. The main danger from them is Malaria, which is fairly endemic here. Luckily, pills are readily available to prevent the disease. Ants are also everywhere. You will get them. There predominant ones I have seen are fire and sugar ants. I have yet to see fire ants in a residence, though. Sugar ants, however, are everywhere, and once you get them, they are fairly impossible to get rid of. You just have to learn to seal your food tightly and never leave dirty dishes or food around. - Dec 2012

Mosquitoes - expats have died of malaria by not taking their profalactive medicine. There is no sanitary system so local tend to squat on the beaches and that is unsanitary. - Aug 2010

Standard African varieties - cockroaches, big spiders, lots of ants and malaria-carrying mosquitoes. - Jul 2009

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